Electrical (EEE) ENGINEERING Projects

EEE is one of the branches of engineering that deals with Electrical and Electronics. We develop the Best Project Centers in Chennai for EEE by guiding the students and train to execute the project themselves. We are working continuously for success of our students and deliver the innovative ideas and solutions of the projects. And also we provide the best training to the students to do their project. Ask2projects always care of understanding the concepts by the students. We supporting the engineering and diploma students and help them to make best score. An example of EEE projects, Smart wireless data logger Time Based projects Power electronics RF based electrical devices Microcontroller based projects Zigbee based projects

Project Title

  • Automatic phase sequence corrector with phase failure and unbalance protection.
  • For/Rev controller with under and over voltage protection.
  • Synchronizing check relay for parallel operation of two sources.
  • Soft starter for 1(shy) induction motor to avoid blocking current.
  • Fuse failure monitor and protection for 3 (shy) systems.
  • Insulation (between winding and earth) failure detector and protection.
  • Intelligent module for controlling street light’s illumination for eliminating power Loss.
  • Automatic water irrigation system.
  • Fault monitoring and announcing module.
  • Speed controller for 1(shy) induction motor as starters, capacitor panel, and basic interlock scheme for more incomers etc in Electrical (EEE) panels.