Electronics (ECE) DIPLOMA Projects

We provide different types of projects like embedded, circuit design, controlling system, image processing etc.

Project Title

  • Automatic phase sequence corrector with phase failure and unbalance protection.
  • For/Rev controller with under and over voltage protection.
  • Synchronizing check relay for parallel operation of two sources.
  • Soft starter for 1(shy) induction motor to avoid blocking current.
  • Fuse failure monitor and protection for 3 (shy) systems.
  • Insulation (between winding and earth) failure detector and protection.
  • Intelligent module for controlling street light’s illumination for eliminating power Loss.
  • Automatic water irrigation system.
  • Fault monitoring and announcing module.
  • Speed controller for 1(shy) induction motor as starters, capacitor panel, and basic interlock scheme for more incomers etc in Electrical (EEE) panels.